a- Introduction

The main mission of the construction industry company is in the field of construction of residential and building complexes in high circulation, mass and industrial.

The most important feature of its buildings is its adaptation to nature, which brings the least horses to nature both nationally and internationally. In our green settlements, the consumption of all types of fuels, whether gas or electricity, is dramatically reduced by up to 50%. It is even possible to present a U-value based on technology during the design phase to calculate contamination reduction and energy consumption.

The core of our business is based on the industrial production of buildings that are structurally sustainable for 100 years.

Based on the technology standard, it is possible to build up to 6 floors without the need for a skeleton. The sample of technical studies is also approved by the Sharif University of Technology, but according to the approval of the Iranian Research and Construction Center, up to 5 floors can be examined through the center. It should be noted that in the suburbs, especially in the neighboring countries, the technology has been approved for compliance with national standards.

b- Among the advantages of this technology are the following:

Design flexibility

Earthquake Resistant

Reduce the temperature transfer rate

Reduce voice transmission rate

Reduce the temperature transfer rate

Bella's speed at making

Fireproof resistant

Resistant to fungi

The key steps in building this technology are as follows:

1 - Implementation of the foundation in accordance with the plan and forecast of the waiting bars

2. Installation and installation of wall panels

3- Installation of interconnecting meshes of angles (L) and pop-ups (U) and mounting

4- Roof installation and reinforcement

5. Ultimate control of sizes and angles

6. Installation and testing of facilities

-7 concrete shot

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