The company's production and construction technology has unique features that, in addition to creating the right conditions for building production, improve the conditions and quality of building occupants.

Advantages of technology in manufacturing:
Flexibility in design, possibility to build and install panels up to 18 meters in different geometrical conditions, creating curves in the simplest way possible and at the lowest cost
Speed ​​in construction This technology has a significant effect on reducing time and improving construction speed by up to 50% by removing the skeleton from the building (also referred to as beam technology). This facility, in addition to being useful in reducing costs by reducing working capital, can build and deliver needed items as quickly as possible after an earthquake.
Architectural flexibility
Advantages of technology for building operation
Extremely high earthquake degradation capability, both structurally and non-collapsing walls due to building integrity
Durability of the building due to its high strength, which extends the original structural life to 200 years.
Ability to control and reduce sound transmission and create a quieter space in building units
Ability to control and reduce temperature transfer and reduce energy consumption by 5% in building units

Fireproofing capabilities of the panels due to the specification of EPS application in the panels
Ability to prevent fungal infections

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