Engineering design

The process of designing and preparing maps is done in two ways

Cases where the architecture map has already been prepared
In this case, the structural map using Etabs software and taking into account all the necessary information inputs including earthquake conditions and intensity according to the subject matter is done by the structural engineers of the company. Obviously, the system outputs are subject to minor changes in some cases. Architectural drawings will be essential to coordinate

Cases where no architectural plan has been prepared
In this case, the architectural drawings are designed by the company engineers according to the advantages and advantages of "Century Construction Technology Company" and after the client's agreement, the structural drawings are prepared according to the above description.

In both cases, shop drowing is prepared based on the structural outputs.

All designs are carried out by the company's expert team and tested and approved through advanced software.

Construction project consulting services, regardless of the type of use and the purpose of operation, generally comprise 4 sections of architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical studies and design that work as a group and in close communication with one another.

One of the most important parts of building design is to perform architectural design services and include the following key points:
Provide project objectives to match the project with the client's request
Provide the necessary spaces and their proper location for ease of access and high efficiency at the time of operation
Apply the building rules and regulations in accordance with valid regulations
Supply of light and optimize the conditions of supply of cooling and heating facilities.
Use of native materials
Attention to climate in architecture
Synchronization of architectural design with 3D panel administration system
Considering the ease of implementation and cost-effectiveness of the project.
Structural Unit:
Nowadays, due to the natural hazards and complexity of the dimensions and geometrical characteristics of buildings, the importance of careful studies and calculations of building structures is increasingly felt. In this regard, executive methods and consumables for building fortifications are constantly evolving and it is important to be aware of the technology appropriate to the project and the climate of the area.

Computational methods of concrete and steel structures are almost common, but in the calculation of buildings by the 3D panel method other specific criteria and parameters must also be taken into account which are in accordance with the physical characteristics and load capacity of the said panels.

The codes used in these buildings are in addition to the most commonly used domestic and international standards and regulations, prestigious publications, and the results of surveys by the Iranian Housing Research Center and scientific and research centers in a number of countries and specific experiences gained by the industry. The building covers the century.

The use of the load-bearing panel in the construction of the building provides the condition that we can provide the overall load-bearing of the building without using the usual structural methods through the aforementioned panels.

Electrical and Mechanical Installation Unit:
Supply of infrastructure and electricity and lighting installations as well as mechanical installations are essential for construction projects. These facilities generally include the following sections.

Power system and lighting
Hot and cold water piping
Plumbing cooling and heating facilities
Sewage and rainwater pipes
Fire Alarm System
CCTV and telephone systems, etc.
The following are some of the most important points of this company in designing construction projects:

A) Eco-friendly

B) High quality and speed of project execution

(C) Use of locally sourced and locally-sourced materials and materials from local sources and local labor force

D) high resistance to natural hazards

F) Reduce energy consumption for building cooling and heating

N) Use of new technology and materials to increase the efficiency of the building

(I) Consideration of environmental assessment and reduction of environmental hazards during construction and operation.


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